What are the Certification compliance metrics and thresholds for IP Certification?

As a Certification member, you are expected to stay within your thresholds for the Certification compliance metrics outlined below, by following industry best practices for complaints, unknown users, spam traps, Microsoft Sender Reputation Data (SRD), and blacklistings.

Compliance thresholds for certified IPs

(as of August 1, 2017)

Return Path Certification
Individual IP Microsoft SRD compliance thresholds

SRD Volume 0-4 5-10 11-19 20-39 40-99 100
or more
SRD Rate
5 or less
junk votes
45% 40% 35% 30%


Return Path Certification
Microsoft Group SRD compliance thresholds

Group SRD Junk Votes 0-9 10-30 31-50 51 or more
Group SRD Rate Threshold Not enforced 75% 65% 55%


Return Path Certification
Complaint, spam trap, and blacklist compliance thresholds

Microsoft Complaint Rate Threshold 
(30 day average)
All sending volumes
Yahoo! Inbox Complaint Rate Threshold 
(30 day average)
All sending volumes
AOL Overall Complaint Rate Threshold
(30 day average)
All sending volumes
Comcast Complaint Rate Threshold
(30 day average)
All sending volumes
Spam Trap Thresholds
(30 day cumulative) 
3 Critical Trap Hits
5 Significant Trap Hits
RP Trap Network 1 Threshold
(30 day cumulative)
100 Trap Hits
Cloudmark Trap Threshold
(30 day cumulative) 
100 Trap Hits
Cloudmark Complaint Rate Threshold
(30 day average)
Blacklist Thresholds
(Current listing)
1 Critical Listing
2 Significant Listings

Certification only enforces on its mailbox provider complaint rate thresholds if you receive a set minimum number of complaints. 

Here is the list of mailbox providers and the minimum number of complaints you need to receive in order for Certification to enforce its complaint rate thresholds: 

  • Microsoft: 200 complaints
  • Yahoo!: 200 complaints
  • Comcast: 100 complaints
  • AOL: 100 complaints
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