How are Microsoft Sender Reputation Data (SRD) rates used in IP Certification compliance?

Return Path Certification uses Microsoft Sender Reputation Data (SRD) in conjunction with other performance metrics from mailbox providers such as Yahoo! and Comcast, data from Microsoft, filtering providers like Cloudmark, and public blacklists to evaluate and ensure compliance with the program's quantitative requirements.

When your SRD performance does not meet acceptable thresholds as determined by Return Path, suspensions can occur. The acceptable thresholds are described in more detail below. If either an individual IP address or an IP group is out of compliance, the associated IP addresses will be suspended. Suspensions result in the non-compliant IP addresses being removed from the Certified list, and may occur at any time.

There are two levels of compliance for SRD enforcement. The first is at the IP address level (similar to other performance metrics used in Certification), and the second is at the IP group level.  Both are applied to 30 day aggregate totals.

Return Path Certification: IPs
SRD Compliance Thresholds
SRD Volume 5-10 11-19 20-39 40-99 100+
SRD Rate Threshold* 5 junk votes 45% 40% 35% <30%
IP addresses are evaluated and enforced when at least five total votes are present. Group enforcement applies only to active IP addresses with at least 30 total votes present and IP groups with 20 or more IP addresses. Group enforcement will only apply to IP addresses with at least one SRD junk vote.

*SRD Rate Threshold: Based on the total number of SRD votes for this IP address, this is the SRD junk rate you have to stay under for the IP address to remain active in Certification.

The following SRD metrics are reported in the Certification tab and in the Daily Performance Report (DPR):

  • Microsoft SRD Volume: The total number of SRD votes submitted by Microsoft SRD panelists that are also on your subscriber list.
  • Microsoft SRD Rate: The percentage of SRD junk votes received divided by the number of SRD survey emails replied to (this is the SRD Junk total divided by the SRD Volume total).
  • Microsoft SRD Junk Votes: The number of SRD junk votes your email received for email sent over this IP address.
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