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Orange’s approach to fighting spam includes filtering on both the reputation of the sender and email content. Using Vade Secure’s content filter along with Cloudmark’s Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) and blacklist allows Orange to aggressively protect their customers from spam. 

Luckily, Orange has a good public escalation process in place that can assist you in your troubleshooting efforts. Prior to escalating your delivery problem, ensure you are following their best practice guidelines and have made an effort to identify and fix the cause of your delivery issue.

Write to describing exactly what delivery issues you are experiencing. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible including your company name, domains, IP addresses, subject lines, error codes and timestamps.

Troubleshooting tips 

  • Check your consent method for all Orange subscribers. Sending to Orange subscribers that did not give consent to receive your email results in filtering or blocks. Orange recommends using confirmed opt-in (COI) for all Orange subscribers.
  • Determine if Orange subscribers are complaining about your email. Ensure your IPs are signed up on the Signal Spam complaint feedback loop.
    • Senders participating in Return Path’s Certification program receive Signal Spam FBL data upon request.
    • Orange counts the number of complaints per IP. When an IP hits more than 3000 complaints (per day, regardless the volume of the sender) a warning is triggered and the block on IP (and in some cases domain) is manually put in place.
  • Determine if your campaign was filtered by Vade Secure. Analyze your bounce messages and check the email header to confirm if it is due to Vade Secure.
    • Check the status of the header X-ME-spam level. The spam level can be ‘not spam’, low, medium or high. If you see anything other than ‘not spam’ then the Vade Secure filter has flagged your email as spam.
    • There is an additional header called “X-ME-spam cause”. If the value in this first bracket is higher than 100, then Vade Secure has flagged your mail as spam.
    • Write an email to with your company name, sending IP addresses and domains, an explanation of the situation, and the complete email in attachment.
    • Prior to contacting Vade Secure, attempt to identify and fix the cause of the issue.
  • Check if your IP address is listed on the Spamhaus Zen blacklist.
  • Review your SMTP logs for error codes referencing the Cloudmark Sender Intelligence (CSI) blacklist.
  • Check your SMTP bounce logs. Orange has stated that when a legitimate marketer sends messages that are rejected, they notify the marketer of the rejection. The marketer can then contact to get more information and to report a false positive. Keep in mind that Orange may reject your email for legitimate reasons and contacting their abuse desk does not guarantee the block will be lifted.
    • Bounce logs can also help you identify if Orange is throttling your email.
    • The 3 authorized simultaneous connections have to be shared between these 2 domains; for example: 2 for domain and 1 for
      • Do not request more than a 1000 connections per hour.
      • Send over a 100 emails per open connection.
  • Ensure your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record includes all your sending IP addresses and doesn’t contain any syntax errors. Kitterman has a good SPF testing tool you can use to validate your SPF record.


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