Orange overview

Orange (formerly France Telecom S.A.) is a global telecommunications company headquartered in Paris, France. With about 43% market share, Orange is the most widely used broadband provider in France. Its reach extends internationally, since close to 44% of its customers are located outside of France. In France, Orange has 13 million active email accounts. 



Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA): France 



Senders should open no more than three simultaneous connections, but Return Path Certification senders can open ten. Senders must respect their resources or throttling will occur. There is no connection limit per hour for senders participating in Return Path's Certification program. All non-certified senders have a limit of 5000 connections per hour for each IP address. Return Path recommends 100 messages per connection. 

Feedback loop (FBL) application 

Orange uses an FBL operated by Signal Spam. Senders participating in Return Path’s Certification program receive Signal Spam FBL data upon request.

Postmaster site

No Postmaster site


Return Path partnership with Orange

In partnership with Return Path, Orange uses the Return Path Certification whitelist for preferential treatment, including increased connections and spam filter tolerance.

Orange delivery mediation

Orange has a public escalation process to investigate delivery problems and remove blocks. Prior to escalating your delivery problem, ensure you are following their best practice guidelines and have made an effort to identify and fix the cause of your delivery issue. 

  • Write to describing exactly what delivery issues you are experiencing. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible including your company name, domains, IP addresses, subject lines and error codes and timestamps.

Return Path guidance

Return Path understands Orange well and may have data to diagnose deliverability issues.


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