Time Warner Cable (Road Runner) overview


Road Runner High Speed Online started in 1995 under the Time Warner Cable (TWC) company umbrella, delivering internet access services during the early days of the Internet. In 2012, the Road Runner brand name was retired and replaced with the Time Warner Cable brand name. 

Charter Communications acquired TWC in 2016 and the service is now known as Spectrum Internet. It currently has approximately 9 million mailboxes.  Charter Communications is integrating the Charter and TWC email infrastructures.



North America - U.S.

Domains:                   ,

Connection / Throughput:

Suggested MTA settings: TWC throttles your email based on your IP address sending reputation and having forward confirmed reverse DNS (FCrDNS).

Feedback Loop (FBL):

A feedback loop is no longer available as of October 19, 2017. 


Postmaster Site:               

Postmaster site

Return Path partnership with TWC 

Return Path does not have a data partnership with TWC.

TWC delivery mediation 

TWC has a public escalation process for delivery problems. Send an email to: with information regarding your delivery problem; including the IP address, sending domain, campaign subject line and date, and a summary of the issues.

Prior to contacting TWC, attempt to investigate and fix the root cause of the issue and ensure you are following their sending best practice guidelines. 

Return Path guidance 

Return Path understands TWC well and may be able to diagnose deliverability issues.




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