The Everest Academy is designed to help you get more out of your Everest experience so you can reach more people, increase engagement, and improve efficiencies of your email program.


The Introduction session is recommended prior to the other sessions. After the introduction session, you can view the other sessions in any order, but it is recommended to view them in order from session 1- 6.


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The Introduction to Everest session is geared at getting new users up and running on the Everest platform.

List Hygiene

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Learn how to improve list hygiene with Everest’s List Validation.

Sending Reputation

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Learn how to use Everest to effectively identify and fix sending reputation problems contributing to low inbox placement.

Design and Content

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Learn how to use Everest to effectively submit email design tests and analyze them to make the necessary changes to improve engagement.

Inbox Placement 1 and 2

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Inbox Placement focuses on setting up your seed list in Everest, using Seed List Optimizer to apply weighting for the most accurate inbox placement results, sending a test campaign to your seed list and analyzing results.