How much does the This is Not Spam (TINS) rate matter?

The TINS rate is an important indicator to mailbox providers because a high TINS rate tells them that the sender is less likely to be sending spam.

When your subscribers hit the "This is Not Spam" button for an email in their spam or junk folder, they are telling the mailbox provider that they want your email in their inbox. The more subscribers that take this action, the better it is for your sending reputation.

Important notes about the TINS rate

  • Each mailbox provider has different thresholds and apply different weighting to the TINS rate as it relates to your sending reputation.
  • If you are consistently successful in reaching the inbox, your TINS rate will be low. The TINS rate is calculated based on the volume of email going to spam or junk folder, so if you have few messages going to the spam or junk folder, then your subscribers won't click on the "This is Not Spam" button.
  • If a high percentage of your email is going to the spam or junk folder AND you have a low TINS rate, it indicates that your subscribers may not be interested in receiving your email.
    • This could be related to how you acquire those subscribers (not using opt-in permissions) or how well you keep your list clean of un-engaged subscribers.
    • It could also indicate you need to be better at disclosing the content and frequency of email that your subscribers will receive during the sign up process.


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