FAQ: The Universal Feedback Loop (uFBL)

How do I get a login for the Universal Feedback Loop?

If you are already subscribed to some or all of Return Path’s hosted feedback loops, you will use that same login for the Universal Feedback Loop. If you are brand new to the tool, you will be prompted to create a login when you navigate to the site via this link:

What are the actions I can take within the uFBL platform?

After logging into the platform, you will land on the below screen:


Actions within the homepage include:

  • Option to change language
    • Languages available: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norsk, Portuguese, Russian 
  • Adjust account details 
    • add new users to subscriptions
    • add or change FBL email addresses
    • setup ISPs and Providers
  • Create new FBL subscriptions
  • Define subscriptions by IP/CIDR or Domain

Note: Sign up using a DKIM domain is currently only available for Comcast. 

Which providers are included on the Universal Feedback Loop? 
List of all available complaint feedback loops (FBLs) 

Does the Universal Feedback Loop take into account senders who manage multiple subscriptions? 

Yes, the Universal Feedback Loop was created with these senders in mind. If you manage multiple subscriptions we recommend using the Filter option to sort each subscription by provider, subscription status, FBL email, or CIDR status. 

What happens in the instance where some FBLs are suspended and others are active? Will they all become suspended?

The suspended FBLs will remain suspended until the issue is resolved, and the active FBLs will remain active. 

What should I do if I see "A subscription with this email already exists" error message on several large providers I had already set up before? 

If you have existing subscriptions, then please select login. You can input the FBL email address on your user email to login. You will need to have access to the email addresses to click a confirmation link. 

Where can I go for help or support?

If you have further questions or need support, please submit a ticket.


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