How to group existing subscriptions in the Return Path Universal Feedback Loop (uFBL)

The Universal Feedback Loop brings all Return Path hosted feedback loops (FBLs) into one cohesive and actionable location. You can use this tool to manage your FBLs, simplify the configuration process, and coordinate subscriptions. You can also group existing subscriptions and update them at once within the tool.

Keep reading to learn how to group your existing FBL subscriptions: 

Note: If you have a login, but don't have an FBL subscription, and would like to create a subscription, navigate to the FBL Subscriptions tab and select New Subscription, located in the right hand corner. 

  1. Log into your Return Path Universal Feedback Loop account to see all of your existing subscriptions. You may have multiple subscriptions with the same CIDR ranges or domains.

  2. We recommend that you group subscriptions by the same CIDR ranges or domains so that you don’t receive more Abuse Reporting Formats (ARFs) than intended. In the example below, we are combining Bae Systems, Blue Tie, Comcast, Cox, and Fastmail.


  3. Decide which subscriptions you would like to group and delete all associated subscriptions except for one by selecting Delete Subscription.


  4. Select the last subscription. To add your subscriptions to a group, select Add Provider/FBL Email.


  5. Within the pop-up screen, select the mailbox providers you would like to add to the group and select Next.


  6. Enter the FBL email where you would like the complaint messages sent. Select Next.


  7. Review your subscriptions to make sure they are grouped together.


  8. Once you're finished, you can add domains, CIDRs, and FBL emails, or delete subscriptions from the group. Keep in mind that any update you make will update all the subscriptions within the group. 

Note: If you no longer want a subscription to be associated with a group, select the right-pointing arrow next to the subscription to remove it.

If you have questions or need support, please submit a ticket.

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