What is a Geo Email Monitor campaign tracking code and how does it work?

A campaign tracking code, or pixel, is a piece of HTML code that translates into a small, transparent GIF image that you insert into an email before you release a campaign. Pixels let you collect and track data about different ways subscribers may interact with your email. For example, pixels may collect data such as what device was used to read your email or the location of where subscribers opened your email.

How does the campaign tracking code work?

  1. When your subscriber opens an email with images enabled, your Geo Email Monitor tracking code is activated and the data about geographic region and email platform is captured.
  2. Embedded in this request is all of the information Geo Email Monitor needs to categorize the opened emails into the appropriate category.
  3. Once the data is collected, Geo Email Monitor presents it to you in your account, showing where and how subscribers engaged with your email.

It's important to mention that your subscribers will not see the tracking code when they open your email. When your subscriber views the email with images enabled, the image tag downloads the clear GIF along with all of the other HTML images included in the creative. A 1x1 pixel is invisible to everyone looking at your email but will allow you to gather email analytics on your campaign.

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