What is Geo Email Monitor?

Geo Email Monitor is a free Return Path tool that gives you important metrics on your subscribers' platform usage and locations. This information can be used to readjust your email program to make more meaningful connections with your subscribers, which can also lead to increased revenue.

Here is what Geo Email Monitor includes:

  • Six campaign tracking codes per month that you can use to track your email campaigns
  • U.S. region location data that tells you where subscribers are located at the time of opening their email, which you can use for strategic planning, segmentation, and targeted offers.
  • Platform data that tells you whether subscribers are opening their email on mobile, webmail, or desktop, which can be used to optimize your different email campaigns.
  • An email analytics dashboard on the Geo Email Monitor site where you can view all your data in one place.

Here are some different ways you can use Geo Email Monitor:

  • Use it as a reporting tool for monthly email reports
  • Identify additional target market and segments
  • Adjust segmentation and campaign content to be more relevant to certain geographies
  • Optimize templates for more mobile readership
  • Make a cause for creating weather-related campaigns
  • Plan different time-of-day sending schedules
  • Understand how to plan campaigns for groups of subscribers who travel

Visit the Geo Email Monitor website if you haven’t signed up!

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