How to add a Geo Email Monitor campaign tracking code to a MailChimp template

Once you sign up for Geo Email Monitor, you need to start adding campaign tracking codes to your emails to start receiving device and geo-location data about your subscribers.

Use the instructions below to learn how to add a campaign tracking code to your MailChimp template.

  1. Copy your campaign tracking code from Geo Email Monitor.
    • If you haven’t set a campaign tracking code up yet, navigate to the Geo Email Monitor website and select Track a New Campaign. When you receive your tracking code, copy the HTML version of the tracking code, not the URL version. Your HTML tracking code will be formatted like this:

      <img src=">
  2. Create a new email, or open an existing one you are getting ready to send, and go to the Design section.
  3. Select the block called Code and drag it into your design toward the top. 
    • Once you have added your code block, your design should have a section to add your own HTML.
  4. Delete all of the contents in the code editing box, including the <div> tags.
  5. Paste your campaign tracking code (HTML version) in the text box. Whenever you send, the tracking code will be invisible to everyone opening your email.

Note: If you use a common template for multiple campaigns and you already have a Geo Email Monitor tracking code in your template, then replace the tracking code with one you haven’t used yet. If you don’t replace the previously-used tracking code, then you won’t receive new campaign analytics and may even may skew past results.

After you paste the HTML version of your campaign tracking code into your MailChimp email and send, you are finished! To see your results after you send your campaign:

  1. Navigate to the Geo Email Monitor website.
  2. Select the campaign’s name from the Overview page.
  3. Review the detailed report on your campaign’s performance.


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