Do I need to use a different Geo Email Monitor campaign tracking code for each of my emails?

We recommend using different Geo Email Monitor tracking codes for your different emails. Getting analytics for each of your email sends can help you understand how each email performs. Then you can compare each email’s platform and geo-location region opens.

Here’s some important information about using the tracking codes and using them with different emails:

  • You get six unique campaign tracking codes each month. 
  • If you don’t replace tracking codes for each email, you may skew past campaign results or won’t get new campaign analytics for each of your sends.
  • If you use one tracking code in more than one email, then the data from all of the emails will be aggregated into a single campaign detail report in Geo Email Monitor.
  • If you use a common template for multiple campaigns, then track your emails separately by replacing the tracking code for each email you deploy to ensure Geo Email Monitor accurately tracks your email’s analytics.

Tracking single campaigns that include multiple emails

If you are sending a campaign over the course of one month that includes multiple emails and you want to track the analytics for the multi-email campaign together, then you can use one tracking code across multiple emails.

Campaign results may be skewed if opens for any of your campaign’s emails occur outside of the current month. This is because past campaigns don't carry over into new months. 


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