Gmail overview

Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service provided by Google. In 2012, it became the most widely-used web-based email provider. A 2014 estimate reported that 60% of mid-sized U.S. companies were using Gmail and as of May 2015, it had more than 900 million subscribers.

Return Path relationship with Gmail

Return Path partners with mailbox providers across the globe to access and exchange data for products. However, Gmail does not provide data to Return Path Email Optimization products. 

Gmail infrastructure

Region Global
Connection/throughput settings

Suggested mail transfer agent (MTA) settings: 

  • 150 connections
  • 50 messages per connection 

Recommended settings can vary based on reputation, so these should be used as guidelines. 

Feedback loop (FBL) application For bulk senders 
Postmaster site

Postmaster tools FBL FAQ

Postmaster site for bulk senders 

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