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Yahoo! is an global technology company based in Sunnyvale, California. It is known across the world for its web portal, search engine, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, and Yahoo! Groups. Yahoo! Mail has approximately 300 million email subscribers.

Yahoo! was acquired by Verizon (July, 2016). Verizon also acquired AOL in May, 2015. 

Note: Starting February 1, 2018, Oath (A Verizon company that owns both AOL and Yahoo!) began consolidating sending infrastructures between AOL and Yahoo!. This means that the AOL domains will continue to operate and accept email, but Yahoo! will handle spam filtering and processing.

You can get additional information about the changes and the impact here:

We recommend that you follow best practices for both AOL and Yahoo! during this transition period.


Region Global

Connection / throughput 

Simultaneous main transfer agent (MTA) connections: 150

Throughput: 20 messages per connection


Complaint Feedback Loop (CFL) application The Yahoo! CFL program helps senders minimize complaint rates. Note: Yahoo! attempts to send every complaint, however, it reserves the right not to send all complaints from the FBL. 

List-Unsubscribe header Yahoo! supports the use of the List-Unsubscribe header and have used it in the past to unsubscribe inactive accounts.
Postmaster site  Postmaster

Return Path partnership with Yahoo!

In partnership with Return Path, Yahoo! uses the Return Path Certification whitelist for preferential treatment. Yahoo! sends Return Path volume and complaint data for Certified senders only.

Yahoo!'s data feed covers all Yahoo and partner domains as follows:

Mailbox provider Domains
Spark New Zealand Trading Limited  Spark (Xtra) no longer uses Yahoo! email as of April, 2017
Yahoo, Inc.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Yahoo! delivery mediation

Yahoo! provides a link for the public escalation of issues.

Yahoo! has divisions globally, with client support to handle issues in those regions. You should escalate delivery issues about Yahoo! domains in the local region.

Senders should:

  1. Review their feedback loop to ensure that complaints are being processed.
  2. Review their Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) logs or bounce messages.

Return Path guidance

Return Path understands Yahoo's anti-spam system quite well. We are extremely limited in what we can mediate, but we can share data to help senders understand their delivery issues.

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