How can I lookup my DMARC record?

Either of the DMARC lookup tools below are helpful if you are unsure if you currently have a DMARC record, or if you want to validate that it is up to date with your most current policy. The tools can be found here:

How to use
In order to use these DMARC Check tools, you need to enter in a domain or sub-domain into the text box and click on the check or lookup button. 

If the domain has a DMARC record, the current syntax is displayed for you to check. The syntax includes tags and descriptions to explain what each tag means. 

Validate your record
If there are any commonly-seen errors with your record and its syntax, the tools alert you. Such errors could include incorrect spacing, missing tags, missing or incorrect reporting addresses, or miscellaneous typos. 

No DMARC record
The tools let you know if you do not have a DMARC record. If you are interested in creating a DMARC record, you can refer to:

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