Barracuda Reputation Blacklist (BRBL)


The Barracuda Reputation Blacklist (BRBL) listsIP addresses of servers that are poorly configured or that have sent email or viruses to spam traps.

  • Listings occur at the IP address level.
  • The impact on deliverability is generally low. However, the impact may increase if you send more B2B email.

Reasons for getting listed

The BRBL automatically lists IP addresses with open relays, open proxies, or that send spam or viruses to Barracuda’s pristine spam traps. Once spam or viruses are detected, IP addresses are listed automatically and immediately .

If an IP address passes these basic tests, the email is then scored against the Barracuda Reputation System. This system, which is comprised of shared data from other Barracuda anti-spam appliances, generates a score that indicates how likely the message is spam. If the message is considered spam, the sender's IP address is added to the BRBL.

How to get off this blacklist

Barracuda accepts requests to remove IP addresses at its website. However, if the underlying cause of being blacklisted isn’t fixed, the IP address will likely be relisted.

Tips for staying off this list

  • Check your servers for open relays and open proxies
  • Don’t purchase email lists
  • Don’t use list harvesting techniques such as web scraping or spambots
  • Use opt-in or confirmed opt-in permission methods for all new subscribers
  • Consistently use list hygiene best practices
  • Make sure your email program complies with CAN-SPAM Act requirements
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