Kempt blacklist


The Kempt blacklist lists IP addresses that send spam through an open relay or to Kempt spam traps. The Kempt blacklist aims to quickly identify and list new hosts sending spam. Older and well-known open relays and spam sources are listed by other blacklists. Also, spam messages are not identified by their content to help reduce false positives.

  • Listings occur at the IP address level.
  • The impact on deliverability is generally low.

Reasons for getting listed

IP addresses are listed for:

  • Sending spam through an open relay
  • Sending email to Kempt’s pristine spam traps
  • A system infected with malware and sending spam

How to get off this blacklist 

This blacklist automatically removes IP addresses after 24 hours. Subsequent listings of the same IP address for each new offense are usually listed for longer periods of time.

You can ask for an IP address to be removed by sending an email to In the email you need to:

  • Identify the IP address
  • List all known blocked messages
  • List the times and sender email addresses (return-path) for each known blocked message
  • Mention the steps taken to fix the problem
  • Mention the steps taken to prevent the problem from recurring
  • Ask for additional information about the listing so you can identify the cause

If you don’t provide this information, Kempt will most likely ignore your request.

Tips for staying off this list

  • Make sure your servers are not configured for open relays
  • Don’t purchase email lists
  • Don’t use list harvesting techniques such as web scraping or spambots
  • Use opt-in or confirmed opt-in permission methods for all new subscribers
  • Consistently use list hygiene best practices
  • Run security scans consistently on your systems to ensure they are not infected with malware used to send spam
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