LashBack's Unsubscribe Blacklist (UBL)


LashBack's UBL includes the IP addresses of senders who send to email addresses harvested from a suppression list.

  • Listings occur at the IP address level.
  • The blacklist is updated hourly.
  • The impact on deliverability is minimal and not very important to track on a regular basis. None of the top 30 mailbox providers use it, and neither does LashBack in its other solutions.

Lashback has been monitoring unsubscribe compliance since 2003. Unsubscribe compliance failures fall under the four following categories:

  1. Not honoring an unsubscribe request within 10 business days
  2. Not having an unsubscribe mechanism
  3. Sharing your suppression list with a third party to send spam
  4. Sending to email addresses harvested from suppression lists

Reasons for getting listed

IP addresses are listed for:

  • Sending to email addresses harvested from a suppression list

How to get off this blacklist 

To get your IP address removed, submit a delisting request on LashBack's website.

From LashBack's website, IP addresses can be removed "free of charge once every 30 days."

Additional premium information can be requested by emailing a LashBack representative.

Tips for staying off this list

  • Do not purchase email lists
  • Do not send email to your suppression list
  • Use opt-in or confirmed opt-in permission methods for all new subscribers
  • Make sure your unsubscribe process works by regularly auditing the process
  • Add unsubscribe requests to your suppression list within 10 business days
  • Strictly follow your country's email law's unsubscribe requirements
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