50+ Ways to Grow Your Email List ebook (PDF)

The 50+ Ways to Grow Your Email List ebook covers over 50 tips to increase your email opt-ins. 

Building an extensive and engaged list is a challenge for most email marketers. According to Return Path's study Email List Strategy, only 9% of marketers feel they have a successful list strategy. Additionally, 71% believe that increasing their email list quality is a priority for an effective email list strategy. 

In this ebook, you'll discover: 

  • How to optimize the signup process to create a positive customer experience
  • Best practices for driving email opt-ins through your website
  • Point-of-sale strategies to spread the word about your email program
  • The right way to send welcome messages to ensure subscriber retention
  • Offline tactics that drive online opt-ins

Get started by downloading the ebook below.  

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