Certification Standards and Requirements (PDF)

Return Path Certified senders follow industry best practices and send relevant email to subscribers who want to receive it. Certified senders are some of the industry's best mailers who agree to maintain the high standards required of them. 

The Certification standards and requirements are those required for program compliance. Failure to live up to the standards may cause suspension from the whitelist or removal from the program.

The standards require that you, as a Certified sender: 

  • Remain measurable and allow Return Path to accurately measure your reputation and performance by sending consistent, measurable volume and by only sending email you own
  • Be transparent and accountable by representing your brand truthfully and accurately
  • Maintain clear disclosure policies by:
    • Setting expectations for your subscribers when they opt in to your email program
    • Letting subscribers know how you will use their email address and personal information
  • Follow good consent practices by:
    • Mailing to subscribers who opt in to your email program
    • Allowing subscribers to opt out when they want
  • Take adequate, industry-standard steps to keep your database and systems secure so you can protect your infrastructure and subscriber information 

For detailed information on Certification's standards, please download the Certification Standards and Requirements below.

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