How does email content affect sender reputation?

Email content does not have a direct impact on sender reputation. In fact, content can be differentiated from reputation as being one of the other factors, along with infrastructure, that affect inbox placement. So, while sender reputation and content are related, one does not necessarily drive the other. 

Email content can negatively affect deliverability, however, if it contains things like:

  • Suspicious links
  • Image-hosting sites
  • Redirectors
  • Link shorteners
  • Potentially spammy content

Sending content that is not consistent with the expectations set at the point of collection can cause subscribers to either not engage with email or to mark it as spam, which will impact reputation.

Email content that drives engagement and positively affects sending reputation is:

  • Relevant to your subscribers
  • Well-branded
  • Consistent with expectations set at the point of collection


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