What is the BBFHL1 blacklist?

The BBFHL1 blacklist identifies hosts and networks that have delivered at least 500 spam emails to their spam traps in the last 24 hours. This includes the listing criteria, deliverability impact, and information about getting listings removed.

Key details

  • Type of list: This is a public blacklist.
  • Listings occur: At the IP level.
  • Criteria for getting listed: Sending spam to their spam traps, open relays, compromised accounts.
  • Impact on deliverability: Minimal.
  • Getting removed from this blacklist: The blacklist does not support requests for manual delisting. IP addresses are automatically delisted four weeks after the last receipt of spam in their spam traps.

Common issues
Listings on the BBFHL1 blacklist can occur if you hit their network spam traps with at least 500 messages within 24 hours.

Products affected

Best practices
Follow list hygiene best practices and practices to avoid spam traps.

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