What is the China Anti-spam Alliance (CASA) blacklist?

The China Anti-spam Alliance (CASA) includes four blacklists. 

  • The China spam blacklist (CBL): A list of known spammers.
  • The China dynamic address list (CDL): A list of dynamic IP addresses in China, which are automatically blocked since no dynamic IP address should send email. 
  • The China integrated spam blacklist (CBL+): The CBL and the CDL combined.
  • The China conservative spam blacklist (CBL-):  The CBL+ with the CDL removed, a combination of the two lists with some other subset removed. 

Key details

  • Type of list: This is a public blacklist.
  • Listings occur: At the IP level. 
  • Criteria for getting listed: Sending spam, dynamic IP addresses, spam trap hits, and reports from Internet service providers.
  • Impact on deliverability: High in China.
  • Regional impact: China only.
  • Getting removed from this blacklist: The blacklist supports manual requests to remove IP addresses

Common issues
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