Invaluement blacklist

The Invaluement blacklist is made up of three commercial anti-spam blacklists.

Here are the three different lists: 

  • ivmURI: This lists domains owned by spammers.
  • ivmSIP: Spammy IP addresses either overlooked or not yet listed by Spamhaus, from botnets, elusive snowshoe spammers, or black-hat mailbox providers. A black hat sender is a company that sends email to recipients who have not given permission to senders to send to them.
  • ivmSIP/24: IP address ranges or sub-nets where spam-sending patterns have been detected.

Rather than using spam traps, Invaluement monitors web hosts to get complaint information from the web host; this information is used to generate listings. Invaluement listings are factored into many anti-spam reputation systems.

  • Listings occur at the IP address and domain level, depending on the different lists 
  • Impact on deliverability is high 

Reasons for getting listed

Your IP address or domain may be listed if: 

  • It has high subscriber complaint rates
  • It has high Mailbox Provider (MBP)-marked spam rates
  • It is sending spam 
  • It is part of a known range of IP addresses or domains that have been classified as legitimate spammers
  • It is sending URLs that have been identified as malicious

How to get off this blacklist

This blacklist supports manual requests to remove IP addresses.

If senders are listed on the ivmSIP/24 list, they can be removed if: 

  • Invaluement doesn't have spam on file from the individual IP addresses, but only has spam from nearby IP addresses. 
  • The nearby spam-sending IP addresses are not sending the same campaigns and are not under the direct control of the IP address owner who is requesting delisting. 



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