How are Sender Reputation Data (SRD) panelists selected?

The Sender Reputation Data program is a unique email feedback system operated by Microsoft, in which panelists are asked to provide feedback on emails to which they subscribe.

Selection criteria
To protect the integrity of the program, Microsoft uses selection criteria to ensure SRD panelists are representative of a diverse subscriber base. SRD panelists:

  • Are senders' actual subscribers. Microsoft users cannot volunteer for the program. They are randomly selected and must be invited by Microsoft to participate.
  • Are selected to represent multiple geographies, languages, and types of Microsoft email services, such as, MSN Hotmail, MSN premium, and Windows Live Hotmail.
  • Must also meet some minimum selection criteria, including having an active email account that is at least six months old.
  • Are added and removed each month to keep opinions objective and to maintain high response levels.

Can senders contact the people who complained through SRD?
SRD does not have a feedback loop or provide the email addresses of people who have voted email they receive as junk. The goal of the program is to create better sending practices in senders rather than prompting senders to simply remove individual subscribers.

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