What is good performance and how do I maintain it for the Certification program?

Senders with good performance are those that stay within the stated thresholds of the Certification program, which include metrics for:

  • Complaints
  • Spam trap hits
  • Blacklists
  • Sender Reputation Data (SRD)

Return Path expects certified senders to stay within their thresholds most of the time across most of their IP addresses.

Why maintain good performance?

Repeated or prolonged non-compliance shows that you may have picked up some email acquisition, hygiene, or security practices that are not up to Certification standards.

If you repeatedly fall out of compliance or remain out of compliance for a long time, your sending practices may be subject to review, and your IP addresses may be subject to probation or removal from the Certification program.

How to maintain good performance

To remain compliant, maintain good performance standards by:

  • Monitoring feedback loops and removing complainers
  • Monitoring Certification data regularly
  • Maintaining high engagement rates
  • Reviewing email best practices

Also, to help with engagement monitoring, bounce processing, list suppression, and traffic segmentation, you must use a bulk mailing program or software for commercial emails.

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