As a certified sender, what do I need to know about consent for Forward-to-a-Friend (FTAF) emails?

Forward-to-a-Friend (FTAF) emails are those forwarded from a subscriber on your list to a contact not on your list. As a certified sender, FTAF messages must follow the same rules as regular email messages. However, there are additional rules because the email is sent without the recipient's consent.  


For FTAF messages, make sure you comply with the acceptable forms of consent (as listed in the Certification Standards and Requirements) as well as these opt-in rules:

  • If a recipient of an FTAF email does not respond, you can only send one follow-up message.
  • Although you can place the name of the friend in the Friendly From line of the FTAF email, the Return-Path and Mail From domains must be your own.
  • For FTAF emails, you must provide subscribers the ability to globally unsubscribe.
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