Which metrics impact Sender Scores the most?

Sender Score is a numerical representation of a sender's reputation. It is composite measure that takes into consideration numerous performance metrics, but primarily across seven key areas: complaints, spam traps (pristine and recycled) , unknown users, volume sent, email that went to spam, rejected rates (or bounces) and infrastructure.

Below is a list of metrics, from the heaviest weighted metric to the least weighted metric, that impacts a Sender Score.

  • Complaints
  • Spam Traps (pristine spam traps are weighted higher than recycled spam traps)
  • Rejected Rate
  • Volume
  • Unknown Users
  • Reverse Domain Name System (rDNS)

It is important to note that volume by itself does not impact a sender's Sender Score. In addition to measuring consistency and quality,volume is used to segment senders to ensure the accuracy of this weighting model. For example, high-volume senders have different weights for complaints and spam traps compared to low-volume senders. However, this list of weighted metrics is accurate for the majority of Return Path customers. 

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