Anubis spam filter overview

The Anubis spam filter uses three types of mail filters in combination:

  • Content-based (fingerprinting)
  • IP-based (reputation)
  • Blacklist



Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)


Anubis Networks

Mailspike IP lookup (powered by Anubis)

Anubis has its own spam traps. It also receives reputation data from third-party sources. The data likely include spam trap and complaint data. Its network is also fed by complaints from desktop users using the Anubis spam filter. 

Anubis is a heuristics-based filter that uses behavior detection, IP reputation, spam trap data and content fingerprinting to filter email. It also incorporates a blacklist (Uniform Resource Identifier [URI]) similar to the Spam Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) Realtime Blocklists (SURBLs). The Anubis filter extracts the URIs from the email content and compares them against its blacklist.


  • Look up your IP reputation at the Mailspike website.
  • If your IP address is listed at Spamhaus or SpamCop, go to each website and perform additional lookups to see if you can get further information about the cause.
  • Investigate and fix any potential causes for high complaints and spam traps as they are common reasons to be blacklisted.
  • If you feel you have fixed the root cause of the issue, but your IP address is still getting listed, contact Mailspike directly. Be sure to list out all of the steps you took to resolve the issue. Because their resources are limited, you may not get a reply.



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