Best practices for pre-headers

The pre-header, which occupies valuable real estate in an email, is the reader's introduction to the message, typically summarizing the content of the email. Effective pre-headers grab readers' attention and draw them into the message. Handled well, they give subscribers more incentive to open your emails.

Pre-headers can be used to better explain the content of the message. You can use the subject line to tease the reader about the email's focus, then use the pre-header to set subscriber expectations for what they will see once they open the email.

Best practice recommendations

  • Keep the pre-header short and to the point so that customers viewing it on a phone or tablet see the entire message.
  • Make sure it summarizes the content of the email.
  • Reinforce the subject line but do not repeat it. If the subject line doesn't interest your customer, repeating it in the pre-header will not entice the reader to open the message.
  • Entice the reader to open the email by including a call to action with a clickable link. 



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