What is the blacklist?

The blacklist is a public blacklist maintained by the AntiCaptcha.NET Project, an international non-profit organization. This blacklist focuses on having service providers prevent and eliminate abuse on their networks. 

Key details

  • Type of list: This is a public blacklist.
  • Listings occur: At the IP level
  • Criteria for getting listed: Sending spam; open relays or proxies; infection by a virus or botnet.
  • Impact on deliverability: Minimal
  • Getting removed from this blacklist: The blacklist offers automatic delisting after 30 days once it has detected that your network is clean and has not received any new sources of spam. 

Common issues
If you get listed on the blacklist, check your environment for one or all of the issues listed above. If your network is clean and you are not sending spam, contact your service provider to request that they investigate the cause of the abuse on their network. 

Products affected

Best practices
Ensure your servers are properly configured without open relays or open proxies. Since the most common scenario for delivery issues is a result of complaints, and most FBLs are unable to accommodate for IPv6, you should be more diligent with inactive subscribers and list hygiene. Reviewing activity levels within your subscriber base and removing inactive subscribers will help to reduce complaints. Also, make sure you regularly remind your subscribers of the details of your email program, such as what they are signed up for and how much and what type of email they should expect. 


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