Which blacklists are most important to senders?

There are hundreds of blacklists available, but not all blacklists are created equal. Because anyone can start a blacklist, a lot of them are not widely used by mailbox providers. This makes it difficult for a sender to know when to be concerned about an IP or domain showing up on a blacklist. 

The following blacklists are widely used because they are reliable and professionally maintained. Getting listed on one of these blacklists may lead to widespread deliverability problems, so be sure to find and fix the root cause of the listing. 



There are some other influential blacklists around the world. Being listed on them may not cause widespread deliverability problems and may only affect a certain geographical region or certain mailbox providers.

To determine the severity of the blacklisting and if it is important to you:

  • Monitor your deliverability and reputation in Return Path Platform to determine if your blacklisting is causing problems.
  • Check your SMTP bounce logs for messages indicating filtering or a block due to a blacklisting.
  • Know which mailbox providers you send the most volume to on a daily and monthly basis. If a blacklisting is only affecting a small portion of your list, then it can help you prioritize your investigation efforts.


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