How will I know if there is a problem with an IP address status in Certification?

Through the Certification user interface and the Daily Performance Report (DPR), you can track your IP addresses in the Certification program. 

Look for the Cert Global Status and Safe List Status columns for each IP address in the Certification user interface or the Program Benefits column in the DPR.

  • A yellow icon indicates there are some performance issues, but you are continuing to receive preferential treatment at one or more providers. Your IP address may be nearing suspension.
  • A red icon indicates your IP addresses are suspended and you are not receiving preferential treatment at any of our partners.

For each compliance metric such as complaints, spam traps, and unknown users:

  • A metric highlighted in yellow indicates the metric is approaching the allowed threshold.
  • A metric highlighted in red indicates the metric has exceeded the allowed threshold.

Because Return Path warns you if your IP address is nearing suspension, you should regularly review the DPR or the user interface to see if your IP addresses are nearing suspension thresholds.

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