What is Return Path's Certification Program?

Return Path Certification is the industry’s most unique and powerful whitelist, providing benefits at major mailbox providers to ensure your emails get delivered to the inbox. More messages in the inbox means more opportunities for your customers to see your message, and ultimately drive increased ROI from the email channel.

Top mailbox providers like Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, Orange, and utilize the list to influence their filtering decisions, which means these senders receive benefits across the mailboxes that matter most. 

The benefits of the program go beyond increased inbox placement; Certified senders receive mailbox provider data from Return Path to help them understand the true impact of their emails. The data consists of reputation measures that are important to mailbox providers and spam filtering agencies like complaint rates, blacklisting status, unknown user rates, spam traps, SRD metrics, and more.

Certification benefits

Certified members receive benefits such as:

  • A measurable increase in inbox placement at top mailbox providers like Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, Orange,, and more
  • Favorable reputation and treatment at critical filters like Cloudmark, SpamAssassin, and Cisco Ironport
  • Certified sender list used by mailbox providers to influence filtering decisions
  • Increased deliverability all year, including the crucial holiday season when mailbox providers often throttle and filter high volume senders
  • A compliance team dedicated to 24/7 monitoring, providing you with security alerts and working with you through the resolution of any compromises
  • Mailbox provider data delivering detailed information about your KPIs, placement, and Certification performance
  • Actionable alerts if your performance gets close to suspension
  • Feedback and ideas from Certified senders shared during meetings with major mailbox providers
  • Simplified and faster IP warming, including stronger reputation and recognition when you migrate or obtain a new IP address


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