What is Return Path's Certification Program?

Return Path's Certification Program is an IP and domain whitelist that helps best-in-class email marketers maximize inbox placement by adhering to and maintaining the program's strict standards and requirements.

Once accepted into the Certification Program, your IP addresses and domains are placed on the whitelist that mailbox providers and filtering companies from around the world can access through a secure Domain Name System (DNS) server lookup. Through the DNS, Return Path shares data with mailbox providers and filtering companies so you can receive the program benefits.

Certified members receive benefits such as:

  • Preferential email delivery at AOL, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Comcast, Cox, Cloudmark, Yandex,, Orange, and more
  • Significantly reduced volume filtering and throttling
  • Reduced filtering from spam filtering companies such as Cloudmark, Cisco (formerly IronPort), SpamAssassin, and more
  • Enabled links and images at participating mailbox providers
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