As a certified sender, how do I represent myself truthfully and accurately?

Return Path, along with its data partners, expects certified senders to be easily reachable and proudly stand behind the mail they send. If your email content, such as subject lines, headers, and contact information, is hidden, misleading, or deceptive, you appear as if you are avoiding accountability or ownership.

Also, providing clear and accurate subject lines, headers, and contact information will:

  • Help keep your complaint rate down because subscribers know who is sending them mail
  • Boost subscriber trust because they can easily reach you with questions if needed


To truthfully and accurately represent yourself:

  • Include a valid physical mailing address within all commercial or promotional messages 
  • Make sure subject lines tell users what is actually in the email
  • Identify yourself or your business in the Return-Path, From, and Friendly-From header domains
  • Make sure all content, including links and logos, represent your business
  • Have an up-to-date, accurate privacy policy that complies with all laws
  • Have an up-to-date, accurate WHOIS record


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