As a certified sender, why do I need abuse and postmaster role accounts?

Abuse and postmaster accounts are called role accounts. A role account is an email address that is not associated with a specific person, but instead is associated with a company, department, or group of people. here are some role account examples: 


The importance of role accounts

Role accounts are one of the most important internet-standard methods used by mailbox providers, customers, and others to ask questions, report abuse, or send notifications to senders. The internet standard addresses for these accounts are: postmaster@yourdomain and abuse@yourdomain. 

All role accounts should be monitored by email administrators in a sender's company who can respond quickly to fix any problems. 


Certified senders must have dedicated postmaster and abuse email addresses for each sending domain referenced in email sent over Return Path certified IP addresses. 

Additional information

RFC 5321 states that errors during the processing of email should be directed to the postmaster email address. Likewise, RFC 2142 indicates that any abusive behaviors, such as spamming, should be reported to the abuse email address. 


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