What are the Certification privacy policy requirements?

A privacy policy gives subscribers information about your company's email program, including what you do with their email addresses.

As an example, Facebook has a good privacy policy.

By telling users what you will do with their emails through a privacy policy that is easy to access and understand, you can build trust with them and improve their customer experience. You must also remain compliant with any applicable email laws.

Requirements for creating or updating a privacy policy

The Certification program, along with laws regulating commercial email, requires that your privacy policy:

  • Provides a link with clear unsubscribe instructions for your email and any of your sending partners' mail (CAN-SPAM)
  • Includes a postal address for your company and any partner companies (CAN-SPAM)
  • Is linked from all points of collection, including the front page of your website (CA OPPA)
  • Tells users what information is gathered and how it might be shared (CA OPPA)
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