As a certified sender, what customer support do I have access to?

Return Path offers support and knowledge to help senders remain certified and become even better senders. A sender's level of support varies depending on the terms of the contract. However, all certified senders can receive support at any time by referencing the Return Path Help Center or by emailing

What types of updates and communications can I expect to receive?

After you are accepted into the Certification program, you receive information about:

  • Getting started
  • How to understand the Daily Performance Report (DPR)
  • Staying compliant
  • Getting suspended IP addresses re-enabled
  • Keeping subscribers engaged
  • Avoiding spam complaints
  • Preventing and removing spam trap hits

After transitioning into the program, you will receive communication from the Certification team through the DPR. You can also find system updates and announcements, including product enhancements and data issues, on the Home tab of the Return Path tools. 

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