What do the Microsoft Sender Reputation Data (SRD) panelist emails look like?

Microsoft Sender Reputation Data (SRD) emails are wrapped and redelivered by Microsoft for the purposes of voting on whether or not the email was wanted. Microsoft re-sends the email to the panelist with the Friendly From of Microsoft Spam Fighters with the subject line: [Microsoft Spam Fighters] Junk or Not?.

The body of the SRD email includes the sender's original email with the message:

Please look at the message below and tell us whether or not it's junk. There are two options for voting. Option 1) Not Junk. This is an email that I would like to see in my inbox, or Option 2) Junk. This is an unwanted email that shouldn't be delivered to my inbox.

Samples of SRD emails 

When the panelist's vote is recorded, Microsoft surfaces a thank you screen informing them that their answer has been recorded and that they are helping to fight spam.

Where SRD data is used

  • Certification: SRD is a metric that is used to evaluate a sender's compliance as part of Return Path Certification.
  • SRD threshold and performance data can be found in the Certification tab, or in the Daily Performance Report (DPR) that is emailed to Certified senders on a daily basis.
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