Domain blacklist (DBL) overview

There are three main domain blacklists (DBLs):

Criteria for getting listed 
The criteria for getting listed depends on the DBL. Most commonly, it includes:  

  • Using a domain with a bad or unknown reputation
  • Including a URL involved in the sending, hosting or origination of spam within message content
  • Including a URL of a web site that has appeared in spam messages within message content
  • Snowshoe spamming
  • Changing sending domains or IP addresses frequently

Impact on deliverability
Being listed on a DBL can cause major delivery issues. The public DBLs have a solid reputation and are used by many mailbox providers to help their filtering algorithms identify spam.

Getting removed
Most DBLs have an automatic removal process, and most listings expire automatically after the domains cease to appear in spam email. Make every effort to identify and remove the domain causing the listing prior to submitting a delisting request.


  • Removal requests can be made directly to Spamhaus and must be completed by the party responsible for sending the email: the direct sender,  the Email Service Provider (ESP) or Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  • Request removal via webform. Blocklist Removal Center


  • Perform a lookup on your domain and follow the instructions on the removal form.


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