What do the filter results mean in Microsoft’s Smart Network Data Services (SNDS)?

The SNDS filter result gives you a percentage range of your email judged to be spam by Microsoft’s spam filter during a given time frame. It does not tell you exactly how much of your email was sent to the spam folder because subscriber actions, settings and preferences can place your email in the inbox or spam folder. Microsoft uses a color coding system (Green, Yellow, and Red)  to symbolize how often your email received a spam verdict. 

The filter rendered a spam verdict on email from your IP: 

  • Green: up to 10% of the time
  • Yellow: between 10% and 90% of the time
  • Red: more than 90% of the time 

Green is the desired result for all senders when using SNDS since it says that most or all of your email does not receive a spam verdict by Microsoft’s spam filter. 

The filter results may also change on a daily basis if Microsoft renders a spam verdict on a higher percentage of your email due to excessive complaints or other factors. 

Additional information about the filter results and other SNDS metrics can be found in the SNDS FAQ section.


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