ESP Moving Guide

Switching ESPs is a huge undertaking with impacts across your email program. Return Path is here to help you manage the complexity in changing ESPs through everything from step-by-step guides to IP warmup tips to protecting your sending reputation through Certification.

See our step-by-step guide for everything you need to consider when switching ESPs.

Common hurdles

When you switch ESPs, common issues arise affecting both your inbox placement and sending reputation. These issues may include poor list hygiene, improper bounce and complaint handling, not using authentication protocols, policy blocks, and throttling of messages. 

To ensure a smooth migration, look to Return Path for guidance as soon as you anticipate changing ESPs. 

Return Path Certification is here to help 

Another common issue experienced is with your inbox placement rate during the IP warmup process. Often times, even when ramping up with small volumes, the Mailbox Provider (MBP) does not trust the new IP address and will place some of your email in the spam folder. However, members of the Return Path Certification Whitelist often see their inbox placement quickly recover from issues experienced during an ESP migration.

This graph shows inbox placement rates at Microsoft during an IP warmup. Sending to active subscribers, in small volumes, was not enough. With Return Path Certification, the client achieved 100% inbox placement and the ramp-up process was accelerated.


Supporting resources for ESP migration


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