Yandex overview

Yandex is a mailbox and search engine provider based in Russia that has one of the most sophisticated email applications in the world.  In Russia, Yandex has 32.5% of the email market and 56% of the search engine market. It also has been actively penetrating Turkey, where it has captured 15% of the email market and 5% of the search market. Yandex has over 300 million active email user accounts.



Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA): Russia



Yandex does not publish this information.

Feedback loop (FBL) application 

Return Path-hosted FBL

Postmaster site


Return Path partnership with Yandex

In partnership with Return Path, Yandex uses the Return Path Certification whitelist for preferential treatment.

Yandex delivery mediation

There is no public process for resolving deliverability issues at Yandex.

Return Path guidance

Take advantage of Yandex’'s great sender statistics program. Sign up via its postmaster page.

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