Terra overview

Terra Networks, S.A. (Terra) is a Spanish Internet multinational company with headquarters in Spain and offices in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, the U.S., and Peru. Part of Telefónica Group (the former Spanish public telephone monopoly), Terra operates as a web portal and internet access provider in the U.S., Spain, and 16 Latin American countries. 

Terra was founded in 1999 by Juan Villalonga, Telefónica's president between 1996 and 2000, and quickly turned into a major Internet player through the aggressive acquisition of several local startups in Spain (Olé) and the main Latin American markets: Brazil, Mexico, Argentina (Donde and Gaucho Net), and Venezuela (Chevere).



Latin America; Brazil 



Terra does not publish this information. The connection limit varies according to the load on their servers. Some senders have had success using 2 connections with 50 messages per connection and adjusting the configuration based on the SMTP error code feedback. 

Feedback loop (FBL) application 

Feedback loop request form

Postmaster site



Return Path partnership with Terra

In partnership with Return Path, Terra uses the Return Path Certification whitelist for preferential treatment.

Terra delivery mediation

Terra has a public escalation process to investigate delivery problems and remove blocks.

Return Path guidance

Return Path understands Terra well and may have data to diagnose deliverability issues.


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