Time Warner Cable (Road Runner) deliverability best practices

Time Warner Cable’s (TWC) goal for their email service is to ensure their customers receive email they want to receive and keep unwanted email out of their inbox. TWC is a member of MAAWG and recommends that you adhere to MAAWG’s sending best practices to increase your chances of reaching the inbox. 

One of the best ways to reach the inbox, is sending relevant content that your subscribers want to receive. Low complaint rates and having subscribers marking your email as “not spam” signals TWC that you are less likely a spammer. 

Deliverability best practices 

  • Ensure all IP addresses have a valid, non-generic reverse DNS (PTR) record.
  • Ensure all IP addresses have forward confirmed reverse DNS (FCrDNS) if possible to help increase rate limits.
  • Do not send bulk email using a dynamic IP address.
  • Use opt-in consent methods. Do not send email to TWC customers unless they explicitly opted-in to receive your email. Although TWC no longer provides a complaint feedback loop, they still factor in complaints when deciding where to place your email. Using opt-in consent helps improve the likelihood that the subscriber will not complain.
  • Include a visible unsubscribe link in all emails and immediately honor all unsubscribe requests.
  • Remove unknown users after one bounce. If you receive a message indicating an invalid mailbox, TWC states that no further email should be sent.
  • Segment different email streams on to different IP addresses. Marketing and transactional email sometimes have different engagement levels, so separating those (or other) email streams on to separate IP addresses may help you reach the inbox.
  • Maintain a consistent sending IP address and domain. Changing sending information frequently creates the perception that you are a spammer.
  • Use Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domainkeys Identified Mail (DKIM) authentication for all email.
  • Ensure your sending system and website are secure and cannot be used as an open relay or open proxy.
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