What is Multivariate Testing and how does it work?

Multivariate Testing is a software solution powered by 8Seconds that uses automated testing to provide real-time creative content optimization. Multivariate Testing tests your creative content in real time with your subscribers in order to generate the highest performing campaign which increases click-through rates and conversions.

The main benefits of Multivariate Testing include: 

  • Your campaigns will have maximized subscriber engagement, which leads to higher inbox placement and increased ROI.
  • Findings from the tool can be used across additional channels such as websites, landing pages, banner ads, and offline communications.
  • Automatically create campaigns, test your audience, and send your highest performing emails in real time.
  • Testing can be implemented on all email campaign sizes and types, such as blast or triggered, and is compatible with all email platforms.

What you can test

In order to get the most out of the solution, you can select multiple images to test at the same time. The tool takes those images and automatically generates all possible email combinations to test on your audience. 

Here are some examples of different images and content placement you can test:

  • Alternative images
    • Header images
    • Image text headlines
    • Image body text
  • Alternative call to action buttons (static, text, animated)
  • Alternative headlines
  • Alternative offers
  • Images on or off
  • Order of content such as content ranking of topics and offers

How it works

Here is some more detail about how Multivariate Testing works:

  1. Choose the different types of images and content you want to test with 8Seconds. Once you've decided all of the different variables, log into 8Seconds and upload the location of your images and campaign information. This creates a snippet of code. 
  2. Add the snippet of code you receive from 8Seconds into your HTML email.
  3. Send your email campaign as normal and Multivariate Testing automatically generates all possible variations of your email to test.
  4. Multivariate Testing shows the first openers of your email the different email versions to gather data on engagement
    • The tool automatically determines the required sample size of the test audience based on statistical validity.
  5. In real time, the solution identifies the winning content, which is the email variation with the highest click-through rate.
  6. The winning content is displayed to the rest of your audience when they open your message with no delay.

It’s important to note that Multivariate Testing is supported by an algorithm that chooses your winning content based off of statistical validity. There is no starting and stopping of a campaign, which is an alternative approach to content testing such as A/B split testing, e-panels, and focus groups.

Additional features

  • Mobile and desktop optimization: With the integrated device optimization option, winning content can be identified by device type: desktop or mobile. The winning content for each device is then displayed based on where the subscriber is opening.
  • Segmentation optimization: Multivariate Testing can also optimize what a subscriber sees when they open based on gender, age, geography, or any other segment you track.

For more information, visit 8Seconds’ FAQ page.

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