How to sign up with Smart Network Data Services (SNDS)

Microsoft offers a service called Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) which helps senders monitor their sending reputation at Microsoft domains.

Prior to signing up for SNDS, ensure you have an or email address you can use to gain access. If you don’t have one, create a new account on the website.

Follow these steps to sign up with SNDS:

  1. Login to your Microsoft account.
  2. Navigate to the Request Access page and enter the IP address or IP address range in the required format as outlined at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Submit button.
  4. On the step 2 of 3 page, select a confirmation email address. Microsoft will send a confirmation email address to this address to confirm IP address ownership.
  5. Click on the Send mail to the chosen address button.
  6. At the chosen address, look for a message from Microsoft using the from address of:
  7. Within the confirmation message, click on the link provided to confirm IP address ownership. Follow any other instructions if provided.
  8. Within the SNDS dashboard, click on View Data to see data on your IP address.

To forward SNDS data to Return Path:

  1. Login to your SNDS account.
  2. Within the SNDS dashboard, click on View Data.
  3. Click on the URL named View or change your automated settings.
  4. Click on the Enable Automated Access button.
  5. Copy the first URL listed and open a support ticket or send it to your Account Manager requesting SNDS integration with your Return Path account.
    • The URL should look similar to this (for illustrative purposes only):
    • Be sure to copy and paste the URL from your SNDS account. The URL string shown above is for illustrative purposes only and will not work.
  6. Your support representative or Account Manager will add the link to your account so you can view SNDS data in Return Path Platform.
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