How to sign up for the AOL Whitelist

Signing up for AOL’s whitelist is a great way to improve your chances of reaching the AOL inbox. Being accepted to the whitelist does not guarantee delivery, but it does help establish a higher trust level with AOL. Inbox placement at AOL is ultimately determined by your sending reputation so be sure to follow all of AOL’s best practice recommendations.

If you are sending to AOL from new IP addresses, wait for 30 days to establish a sending reputation prior to requesting acceptance to AOL’s whitelist. In some cases, IP addresses with good sending reputations will be accepted in less than 30 days.

Follow these steps to sign up with AOL’s whitelist:

  1. Check your IP reputation and ensure your IP address has a good sending reputation. AOL might accept your IP address with a neutral sending reputation but they will not accept an IP address with a poor sending reputation.
  2. Ensure up all IP addresses are signed up with AOL’s complaint feedback loop and immediately suppress complainers from all future emails. This step is required for acceptance to the whitelist.
  3. Ensure all AOL’s subscribers opted-in to receive emails from you.
  4. Ensure you are following all of AOL’s technical and policy requirements.
  5. Review the terms and conditions on the whitelist request page. AOL reserves the right to remove your IP address from the whitelist at any time and without notice if your sending reputation metrics do not continually meet their standards.
  6. On the whitelist request page, check the box at the bottom indicating you have read the terms and conditions and agree to abide by them.
  7. Click on the Accept Guidelines button.
  8. On the bulk sender request form page 1, fill out all required fields and click the Next button.
  9. On the bulk sender request form page 2, select a confirmation address from the dropdown list. AOL will send a confirmation email to this address so be sure you can access email sent to it.
    1. Enter the IP addresses you want whitelisted in the field provided. Use CIDR ranges for a large range of IPs instead of listing them individually.
    2. Enter the CAPTCHA information and click Submit Ticket.
  10. When the confirmation email is received, click on the link provided to confirm your intent to sign up for the whitelist.

Once AOL receives your confirmation they will review your sending reputation and send you a decision to the confirmation address provided. If you are declined, work on improving your sending reputation and try again in 30 days.

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